History of TADA

TADA began in 2008 when a POTS patient approached Dr. Suleman, MD with the need to meet others suffering from the same debilitating condition.  At that point, many pots patients felt alone in their struggles but would meet and become instant friends at the doctor’s office waiting for treatment.  Dr. Suleman charged his employees with scheduling the first support meeting.

Our first meeting was held in February 2008, it was an instant success with between 20 and 50 members gathering monthly for about 3 years.  During this process, we decided to form an official non-profit corporation to further the awareness and support efforts of TADA.  Many early members devoted countless hours into the formation of TADA.  Texas Association for Dysautonomia Awareness, INC. filed articles of incorporation during the fall of 2012 and completed non-profit 501 (c)(3) status in fall of 2014.   TADA could not be what it is today without special thanks to members that worked tirelessly for the cause of Dysautonomia.  Special thanks is due to Michele Tucker, Ruth Poliner, Amanda Masters, Sean Perez, Jan Streitwieser, Rachel Horne, Nicole Sherman, Tina Marie, and many more for their leadership of TADA.

TADA is run completely by volunteers, most of whom are very ill or caring for ill loved ones.  With that in mind and understanding the great effort needed to launch an organization, TADA “fainted.”  Those with dysautonomia fully understand all this means.  We are pleased to announce that TADA regained momentum in the spring of 2017 and are now ready to reach the needs of the Dysautonomia community across the globe.